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Gallant Dill - the industry’s most audacious entrepreneur. Not even 25, and in just the past four years, Gallant launched the music careers of over a dozen artists (including himself), launched five web-based companies already turning millions in profit, and acted as a consulting agent for over thirty product lines in thousands of stores.

His trademark is extraordinary performance and aggressive growth. Dill’s clients boast tens of thousands of placements under his management, and millions of fans. Gallant’s specialties range from marketing and PR, motivational speaking, bold investment ventures, Health & Mindful Living campaigns, all the way to celebrity partnerships and endorsement deals.

An uncompromising approach has earned him direct paths to market with Mark Cuban, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods Global, Circle K and more. From operating as a dockside shipping entrepreneur, to creating an entertainment empire capitalizing on his marketing expertise - he has punctuated his career partnerships with the largest names in the industry: music festival SXSW, DirectTV, Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, Albertsons, Wegmans, 7-Eleven.

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Personal Branding

Create yourself: find your mission, your drive, your persona. Who are you? Why should the world care? How will you make them care? Gallant shows you how. We recommend clients who use Gallant Dill for personal branding get another phone - because after Gallant, it will always be ringing.

Business Development

Gallant Dill creates empires. Work with Gallant to find out how your idea - business - product - dream - can become a multi-million-dollar empire.

Networking Skills

If there’s anything Gallant knows how to do - it’s how to work a room. Whether performing live on stage for thousands of fans, or speaking to the board members of Walmart on behalf of his clients, you can’t look away from Gallant Dill. Work with Gallant and learn his secrets.

Social Media Icon

The new frontier of marketing is driven exclusively by social media; and Gallant literally wrote the book on how to use social media to make money. Find out how he grew millions of fans for his products, music artists, and business clients.


Sometimes, you just need a sounding board. Someone to give you the right advice when you need it. When your network just isn’t giving you the fire you need to succeed, book Gallant Dill as your mentor. He’ll point you in the right direction.

Revenue Generation

The most important part of your business is sales - you know it, I know it, Gallant Dill knows it. The difference is that Gallant Dill can do something about it. Find that secret ingredient to your business’s recipe to start raking in cash.

Come join us.....See you at the Top!

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